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2022 Elementary Math & Reading Summer Learning Program


This summer Warwick Public School students will continue using i-Ready’s Personalized Learning program, My Path, to practice skills and concepts. Students have worked hard to develop these skills and concepts all year. Continuing on this path will assure understanding and readiness for the next school year!  

Learn more about i-Ready here: See below for additional guidance and learning expectations. 

Which students are participating in summer learning? 

  • All current Warwick students, K-5

What are the Learning Goals? 

  • Time: 30-50 mins per week/per subject

  • Lesson Completion: 1 or 2 lessons per week/per subject 

  • Minimal Expectations: 300 minutes and 10 lessons completed/per subject

  • Track weekly minutes using the tracker below.

How do students access the program?                 i-ready

  • Students should be using their school department-issued device and signing in with their account. 

  • Access Clever & locate the iReady App  - 

  • If a personal device is being utilized: Students can access log into the Chrome browser with their email account to access all the steps above. This should provide them with access. 

How do I track my Summer Learning participation?

  • Each student will receive an iReady Tracking Sheet (sample)

  • This tracker will be turned into their Math teacher in September 2022. 

  • Each school will determine the incentive! 

Who will be monitoring? 

  • The Curriculum Office will be monitoring summer learning progress from June 21  to August 13, 2022. 

  • If a child can’t access their My Path (Personalized Learning), please email the with the child’s name, grade level, and school. Please allow for 24/48 hours for a turnaround response. 

Reading Must Do

(Highly Recommended)

Math Must Do

(Highly Recommended)

Take part in the Warwick Public Library’s Summer Reading Challenge

iReady: Personalized Learning: 30-50 mins/1-2 lessons weekly

iReady: Personalized Learning: 30-50 mins/1-2 lessons weekly

Reading May Do 


Reading May Do


Core 5 Lexia

  • Students can access this program via Clever

  • This program accelerates the development of literacy skills for students of all abilities, helping them make that critical shift from learning to read to reading to learn.

iReady Math Lessons

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