• Students utilizing the bus to and from school and on field trips must realize that the driver is in complete charge. Parents are responsible for assuring that their children adhere to the policies set by the school department. School bus transportation is a privilege that may be withdrawn at any time due to inappropriate behavior.
  • Students using the bus for transportation to and from school must have a bus pass. Passes are approved by the school department.
  • A student must ride the bus to which he/she is assigned.
  • Any emergency request to ride a bus or a different bus must be requested in writing by the parent/guardian and submitted to the office.
  • Students will be allowed off the bus only at school, home, and locations requested in writing by the parents.

Oakland Beach Elementary School Bus Schedule

Students in grades 4-6 may have the privilege of riding bicycles to school.

  • Permission forms are available in the office and must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the Principal.
  • Students who ride bicycles to school are required to wear helmets. (Rhode Island General Law Title 31-19-2.1)
  • Bikes are to be stored in the bicycle rack; however the school does not assume liability or responsibility for stole or damaged bicycles that may occur.