Warwick Public School's Graduate Profile

Vision of a Gradute

The Vision of a Graduate was developed over several sessions in guidance from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). "NEASC ask each district to develop a Vision of a Graduate along with a defined set of core values and beliefs about learning." NEASC.org The vision allows for a more holistic view of our students and delineates the necessary skills, knowledge and dispositions for students to become college and career ready. As we unpack each of the skills, we gain clarity about the learning environment and the methods and practice of teaching.

Continuous Learner

A continous learner demonstrates...

  • deep learning across disciplines

  • adaptability

  • resilience

  • reflection

  • goal setting

  • a growth mindset

  • empathy

  • compassion

  • integrity in action

Empowered Citizen

An empowered citizen takes action to make the world a better place by ...

  • being informed

  • responsible

  • principled

  • service-minded

  • engaged advocates to profoundly impact our world

Empathetic Collaborator

Empathetic collaborators seek to see the world as others see it by...

  • listening

  • networking

  • contributing productively

  • developing social emotional & intercultural skills

  • works independently as a team

  • manages team dynamics and challenges

Skilled Communicator

Skilled communicators ...

  • use multiple methods, media, and context to share ideas and information clearly

  • messages advocate a purpose and make an impact

  • seek out and use feedback to adapt ideas and implement decisions through continuous reflection

  • respect divergent thinking and engage others in thoughtful conversation

Innovative Problem Solver

Innovative problem solvers embrace ...

  • curiosity

  • creativity

  • informed risk-taking

  • cycles of inquiry

  • the use of information in new and creative ways to strengthen comprehension and deepen awareness

Critical Thinker

Critical thinkers seek to understand, analyze and evaluate ...

  • information

  • sources and arguments

  • connections with others

  • their learning to make meaning of the world

Healthy & Balanced Learner

Healthy and balanced learners pursue ...

  • physical and mental wellness as they attend to responsible decision-making

  • healthy realtionships

  • mindsets

  • behaviors for success

  • self-awareness

  • self-regulation