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It is the policy of Oakland Beach Elementary School to place students in “heterogeneous” or balanced classes. We take into account the following information in order to create an appropriate match between student and teacher: the child’s gender, social/emotional development, academic level, developmental level, cognitive abilities, learning style, work habits, individual needs, school behaviors, peer relationships, class size, and cultural diversity.

Placement decisions are made by a team of faculty and staff consisting of the principal, current grade level teacher, literacy coach/reading specialist, and special education personnel, if appropriate.

Parents/guardians will have every opportunity to inform the school of their child’s special learning needs, however, parent/guardian request for a specific teacher is discouraged.

It is the policy of the Warwick Public School System to require some directed assignments for completion beyond the normal school day to reinforce lessons taught, encourage independent work, and provide enrichment activities.

These are time guidelines:

  • Grade 1: 10 to 15 minutes daily
  • Grade 2: 15 to 20 minutes daily
  • Grade 3:  20 to 25 minutes daily
  • Grade 4:  30 to 45 minutes daily
  • Grade 5:  40 to 50 minutes daily

Times are approximate and will vary among students and classes. Friday and/or holiday assignments are at the discretion of the child’s teacher. If your child is having extreme difficulty with their homework, please notify your child’s teachers.

Student self-direction is one of the major goals of out-of- school assignments.

  • The Internet is available to students for their academic purposes in all classrooms and in our library.
  • There is an “acceptable use” policy for accessing Internet resources and students are expected to use the Internet responsibly, or risk loosing this privilege.

Only those items necessary for school assignments should be brought to school. Students are prohibited from:

  • using a laser pointer of any kind within the building during school hours
  • using a cellular phone on school property during school hours
  • wearing or using iPod type electronic devices during school hours.

Violation of this Warwick Public School policy will result in the confiscation of these items.

All make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Upon return to school, the student can either:

  • request their work from the teacher or
  • their parents/guardians may call the school to request work for their child who is absent.

Make-up work will be provided within 24 hours and can be picked up at the school office.

In the event of an anticipated school absense (family vacation, etc.), school work is not made available prior to assignment. Your child will be given the work to make up when they return.